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Team building

We provide quality team building activities while ensuring the safety of each individual in your team!

Team Building Pretoria

Recreational team building ideas

For Recreation team building ideas to get your team involved informed and inspired!

Team Building Pretoria

Team building skills!

Obtaining new skills, enable your team to be more dynamic and more successful whilst performing multiple tasks.

Team Building Pretoria

What is the main purpose of team building?

The main purpose of team building is to work together as a team (to obtain unity) using experiential learning activities to open up communication among team members.

Experiential learning activities provide a safe environment to address problems within the team.

You can see this as a simulation of the corporate environment.

Some of our best pilots in the world will spend a lot of time in a flight simulator practicing foreseen and unforeseen scenarios.

This will enable the pilot to avoid mistakes that can lead to catastrophic consequences.

The question is: can we practice in a safe environment (simulator) and take this learning back to our working environment to avoid mistakes.

The answer: Yes. Through getting your team involved in a well-planned team development program.

We are very fortunate in South Africa to have a big variety of team building processes that can provide quality programs.

Team Building Pretoria

Does team building actually work?

Question: Does team building actually work?


Asking this question is like asking if exercise works. Yes exercise does work if you are committed and there is enough effort. Team building is like exercising your team in a safe environment making use of experiential learning activities. Taking a day off with your team to go for a proper, well-planned, well managed team building will not make your team an overnight success, but it will help to align your team for future success. If we can get the team to realize that there’s only hard work and no shortcuts. Also that you have to wake up the following day and work as hard to make the team successful!